Prized Wisconsin-Grown American Ginseng

Wisconsin-grown American ginseng is considered the “Gold Standard” by Chinese consumers everywhere. Why? For starters, our fertile, glaciated soils here in central Wisconsin contain a mineral, nutrient, and moisture balance that creates the ginsenosides (active ingredients) and positive effects on the body most prized by Chinese consumers. Those effects are said to include overall cooling of the body, metabolic balancing, improved immune response, heightened mental focus, and stress relief.* 

Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng is the largest producer of American ginseng grown in the United States. Trouble is, Wisconsin ginseng production accounts for only 7% of all “American ginseng”. Most of the rest of it is grown elsewhere in North America or China. That means that the vast majority of ginseng marketed as American ginseng is not grown in the United States. This has led to great confusion among consumers about the true source, species, and quality of the ginseng they purchase.

To counter the fraud and abuse of the Wisconsin-grown, U.S.-grown claims for American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng is the first and only American ginseng producer to allow consumers to trace their purchases from our farm to their home. Our exclusive authentication system ensures that you have purchased genuine Wisconsin-grown American ginseng. We call our tracking system, RootWise®. Get smart about your ginseng! Know your grower!

*These claims have not been verified by the U.S.D.A. or the F.D.A. No claim of medical or health benefit should be construed. Do not use ginseng for complementary or alternative medicine without first checking with your doctor. Ginseng may interfere or interact with medications, elevate blood pressure, cause mood or sleep disturbances, or alter hormone levels.

Buying Guide

Small, Medium, Large = width of root
Short, Medium, Long = length of root
Width is listed first, length is listed second
Small – Short would be the smallest roots
Large – Long would be the biggest roots

Slice sizes are based on the width of the root from which it was sliced
Prongs refer to slim root branch pieces
Capsules contain ginseng powder
Tea bags contain ground ginseng root

All of our products contain 100% pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng