Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng and Baumann Farms, LLP are registered growers with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, & Consumer Protection (DATCP), which controls and monitors ginseng growers and their products for the state of Wisconsin.

Under market order of the DATCP, a seven-member marketing board known as the Wisconsin Ginseng Board was established in 1986 to oversee Wisconsin ginseng research, national and international marketing, new product development, and education. The Baumann family has cooperated with and participated on the Wisconsin Ginseng Board since its inception. Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng President Kirk Baumann has served as a board member as well as previously holding the positions of treasurer, secretary, and vice president.

For more information about DATCP requirements for registration as a ginseng grower in Wisconsin, click here.

For more information about the Wisconsin Ginseng Board via the DATCP website, click here.

Buying Guide

Small, Medium, Large = width of root
Short, Medium, Long = length of root
Width is listed first, length is listed second
Small – Short would be the smallest roots
Large – Long would be the biggest roots

Slice sizes are based on the width of the root from which it was sliced
Prongs refer to slim root branch pieces
Capsules contain ginseng powder
Tea bags contain ground ginseng root

All of our products contain 100% pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng