The Health Benefits of Ginseng

Used for its health-boosting effects for thousands of years, adding ginseng to your diet is a hugely popular, natural way to help maintain your body and your mind. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), grown in North America, is renowned for its health benefits, and similar to its cousin Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) contains unique active ingredients called ginsenosides that work to help bolster immune systems, boost energy, and even prevent and fight cancer.

A family-owned business, Baumann American Wisconsin ginseng’s cultivation is informed by decades of expertise, ensuring that the ginseng produced is at its most beneficial to your health. Below, we’ve compiled a list of how regular intake of American ginseng can help improve your life. 

1. American Ginseng Aids in Relaxation 

As American ginseng can work to regulate hormonal changes and help our bodies with homeostasis, it can effectively reduce anxiety and combat stress, and is a popular way to help people relax. Whether it be taken through a supplement with a meal, incorporated into your cooking, or consumed via a drink, adding ginseng to your diet can help you center yourself and find calm and good mental health.

Aside from the therapeutic benefits that ginseng has on the body, the act of kicking up your feet and sipping a calming cup of ginseng tea is a wonderful way to help you to de-stress at the end of a long day!

2. Increased Vitality

Ginseng has long been acclaimed for its ability to improve vitality and help combat fatigue. In a 2010 study, it was found that people being treated for cancer showed larger improvements in their vitality after having taken American ginseng for eight weeks, compared to those taking a placebo. In addition to this, ingesting ginseng can help to a general feeling of robustness and wellness in people not suffering from illness, which makes it a hugely popular ingredient. 

While many different strains of ginseng can provide similar effects, the balance of active ingredients in American Wisconsin ginseng can help you feel strong, active, and full of vigor. 

3. American Wisconsin Ginseng Regulates Blood Sugar

One of the most well-documented positive effects of ginseng is its impact on regulating healthy blood sugar levels, as well as boosting insulin production, both in people with and without diabetes. There have been many studies that have resulted in improved blood glucose levels after a regular intake of American ginseng, in addition to improving pancreatic cell function and providing antioxidant protection for the body. 

While this is of course a massive benefit for people with diabetes, keeping your blood sugar levels normal is hugely important to many different aspects of our health. The naturally-occurring ingredients in ginseng Wisconsin can help you effectively rebalance after a few too many sugary drinks and keep your body in great health. 

4. Helps With Respiratory Tract Infections

During the flu season, make sure you have some ginseng at hand. Adding on to the many other ways that ginseng can help to improve our health, it’s also been shown to be enormously useful for preventing respiratory tract infections, as well as fighting them and reducing symptoms if you do get sick. Not only are you less likely to get ill with a common cold or flu by taking ginseng, but if you do catch one, taking American ginseng regularly can help to lessen the impact of the symptoms.   

With winter just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get some ginseng into your diet, to keep those nasty sore throats and blocked noses at bay.

5. Boost Your Energy

Suffering from flagging energy levels during the day? Ginseng can help with that! Incorporating American ginseng into your daily routine, either through adding it to food or through a supplement, can help to put a spring back in your step. Ginseng has long been appraised for its energy-boosting qualities and a steady supply of it into your diet can help you jump out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day. 

Aside from the regular boosting of energy levels, ginseng can also be used as a therapeutic for people who find their energy levels more profoundly impactful on their day-to-day lives. Studies have shown that American ginseng could have a positive benefit to people with chronic illnesses where fatigue is a factor

6. Ginseng For Better Mental Function

As much as we can see that ginseng helps with bodily function, its benefits on the mind are also huge. In addition to the before-mentioned ways in which ginseng Wisconsin helps us with its relaxing qualities, it can also help us with a more positive mood, improved memory and concentration, and mental performance. This naturally-occurring brain-booster can also help with protecting the brain against damage from free radicals and can help fight mental tiredness. 

So, if you’re feeling a little brain-fried after too many Zoom calls or you’re struggling to concentrate, ditch the coffee and try some ginseng!

7. Help To Prevent And Fight Cancer

One of the most incredible benefits of regular intake of ginseng is its potential to reduce the risk of, prevent, and fight cancers. One of the main active ingredients in ginseng – the ginsenosides that provide so many positive effects – can boost the body with antioxidant protection, which leads to an increased ability to protect against cancer cells and stop them from multiplying. By adding ginseng to your diet, you could be helping to protect yourself against many different types of cancer. 

American ginseng can also be used by those undergoing cancer treatment alongside other therapies to help reduce symptoms and, as mentioned above, to increase vitality and combat fatigue. The holistic benefits of ginseng can contribute to part of a healthy lifestyle that can help recovery and good health. 

8. Improve Overall Immune System

Alongside all of the specific benefits listed above, adding ginseng to your daily routine is a great way to help boost your overall immune system. The wonder-root can help to strengthen our general immunity and make sure it’s in great shape to fight any infections or diseases that might come your way. 

The ability of American ginseng to keep you feeling your best and fighting against diseases is a huge reason to get yourself a supply – either of the root or in supplement or tea form – and keep your body protected.

Choose The Right American Ginseng – Wisconsin Grown 

With so many providers out there, it can be hard to find the right supply of American ginseng, and there are a lot of options that may not be cultivated as thoroughly to give you the best levels of active ingredients for health-boosting qualities. American Wisconsin ginseng has been cultivated in the state since the 19th century and is considered the gold standard for people looking to incorporate ginseng into their routine, due to its fertile, nutrient-rich soils and optimal conditions for growth leading to high levels of ginsenosides.

Baumann American Wisconsin ginseng has been cultivated with love and care in the family since 1978, and our ginseng is sold with our exclusive RootWise tracking system, so you can make sure your product is grown to a premium standard. Click here to find out more about what we do. 

Buying Guide

Small, Medium, Large = width of root
Short, Medium, Long = length of root
Width is listed first, length is listed second
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Slice sizes are based on the width of the root from which it was sliced
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